As a wire manufacturer, we prioritize environmental responsibility by harnessing sustainable practices throughout our operations.

Accel enabling grid reliability, accelerating clean energy transition in Connecticut

We are excited to announce that Accel has signed on to implement behind-the-meter battery energy storage systems (BESS) at our facilities in Meriden and Cheshire, sized at ~5MW and ~3MW respectively,

Once the BESS are live, Accel will participate in New England grid service programs to dispatch the BESS capacity to the grid when demand is high, helping to ensure reliability of electricity for our neighbors, critical facilities and communities across the state. Accel’s $10 million BESS investment offers capacity equivalent to powering 1,600 homes in the summertime.

The BESS projects are part of CT’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) program, which is administered by CT Green Bank and utilities Eversource and United Illuminating, to help the state meet its energy storage goal of 580 MW by 2030.

Accel is working with CPower, one of the first approved ESS program solutions providers, to deliver the BESS projects. CPower manages ~6400 MW of capacity at 24,000 sites nationwide to help its customers meet their resiliency and sustainability goals.