When the founding members started the business out of a garage, they had no idea what the future would bring.  The only notion they had was their previous professional successes should translate to more economic benefits for their families as they took better care of the customers than the would-be competitors.

That holds true today with purposeful service focused on taking care of our customers. Our philosophy and practice is to hold our words true to our customers and when we make a mistake, own it and fix it!

Accel operates three vertically integrated factories in Connecticut and Indiana with nearly 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space producing silver plated, nickel plated and tin plated copper and copper alloys for the wire & cable market.  The fourth factory in Florida is under construction with 2021 opening date with initial 150,000 square feet and plans to expand to 300,000 square feet in 2023.

Serving the aerospace, medical, telecommunications, industrial markets have forged an unwavering commitment to perfect quality of products.  We produce the best quality products with investment in new technology and our associates.  Practicing Theory of Constraints as the operational backbone has also allowed us to provide the market place with fast and dependable delivery with better than 99% on-time delivered goods.

The company that started from one bay of a garage and one Denali just 15 years ago has grown to be the best high performance conductor manufacturer with state of the art technology and the dedication of our associates unmatched by any of our competitors!  Our customers are the reasons for our continued success and provide the fortitude for our reinvestments.  We are grateful for their trust and confidence!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!