Our nickel electroplating lines have the highest capacity and best quality deposits in the industry especially when it comes to high current densities such as 27% nickel plated products.  Accel has the largest nickel plating operations in North America.  All the products are produced from Niehoff and SAMP multiwire machines and Niehoff and Kinrei and SAMP bunchers with latest electronic tension control and laser guided automatic traverse systems.  Some of our products that are produced as single end draw utilize the laser guided automatic traverse systems.  Our Hacoba/Niehoff bobbin winding machines use elegant solutions to apply the lubrication of our customers choice consistently.  Our smooth bunch products are produced from time proven single twist bunchers to provide the high compression smoothness that our customers have come to expect.

Our planetary equipment have the newest closed-loop feedback tension control system for members and best in class layer winding take up to allow for most consistent stranding quality and spooling.